I found my passion for nutrition at a later stage of life after facing some life altering moments which changed my views and perceptions of nutrition and how important a balanced, healthy life style was.

After the passing away of my father in 2012 to bowel cancer I started to find myself feeling vulnerable. Health, fitness and diet were not part of my mindset but the fear of cancer and ill health propagated me into a new way of thinking.

Over the past few years fitness and diet have become paramount. But I wanted to explore more, hence undertaking the MNU nutrition course and now furthering my knowledge at the college of Naturopathic medicine. No mean feat for a 40 something who had always struggled with exams.

A year on and having passed my exams I have literally found my passion. If I can now pass on this passion along with my newly obtained knowledge I know I can help people find the balance that comes with a mindset which will help improve all aspects of their life and wellbeing.

My approach is based on understanding all aspects of a persons life and then looking to combine the elements of the science of nutrition to this. The approach will be collaborative and will help commence the path to a new beginning of health and happiness.



"After only a short time talking to Shelley, she had a quick understanding of my needs and the outcome I wanted. 

Shelly suggested ways to change my old food habits, gave me helpful cooking ideas, and ensured I was getting all the nutrients I needed for my personal lifestyle.

Nothing was ever a problem to Shelley and her kind warm approach along with her extensive knowledge was so encouraging.

It wasn't long before my goal was achieved and more importantly, I gained the energy and well-being I so desired"


Shelley is such a wonderful Nutrionist.

I can’t recommend her enough. Shelley has helped me so much with changing my habits around food, helped me with cooking ideas, recipes, food shopping lists, vitamins and so much more. This is her passion and you can really tell how much she loves this.

Shelley is so motivating and I really enjoy working with her. Her knowledge is excellent and one of the most caring people you will meet!

Thank you for all your help Shelley! 


Shelley is fabulous!!!!... she has really helped and motivated me in obtaining my lifestyle and weight goals. More importantly she has helped me understand my body more and what is and isn’t the right foods for it.

Everyone is different and it isn’t a one size fits all program, that’s where Shelley comes in and really helps you understand your own body and it’s own requirements. It’s tailor made!

Thanks to Shelley I am well on my way to my desired goal and have lost a whooping 1 stone and still loosing - something I had been trying unsuccessfully to achieve on my own before her amazing guidance.

Not only is Shelley amazing at what she does with her huge knowledge of nutrition, but she’s the worlds most gorgeous person, easy to talk too and a fabulous person on your side!

For anyone needing help and guidance, Shelley will be the biggest gift you ever give yourself!